Back into the cleaning rhythm

Don't have much time to clean or just don't know where to start? Our Cleaning Planner helps you get into a good cleaning rhythm. This way you can quickly enjoy a clean and fresh home again!

Sorbo has been upgraded!

You may have noticed, but Sorbo now has a fresh new look! We gave Sorbo a good dusting, polished the packaging and upgraded the website. Our cleaning heroes are smart and knowledgeable and that naturally fits with a nice new look!

No cleaning hero without the right gadgets: put together your own superhero outfit!

One Swipe Cleaning

Do you find cleaning annoying? Does it take too much time, or do you really not know what tools to use? We understand, and that is why it is our mission to make your cleaning jobs easier and faster. With our cleaning experts and tips you always work smart!

Get rid of disposables

Of course we think sustainability is super important. We have made our cleaning tools durable and strong for a reason, so that they are long lasting. Many of our gadgets are also fine to use without cleaning products and chemicals. You can also wash most products, so they always stay fresh and clean.

Real Sorbo quality

From the classics such as the feather duster, microfiber cloth and scouring pad to the smart specialtie cloths, all cleaning tools naturally have the expected Sorbo quality. No fluff, or streaks after cleaning, just a perfectly clean result.

Let us do the hard work

Sorbo is a trusted, historic brand and we therefore know a lot about cleaning. That's why we can also design products that do the hard work for you, whether you're looking for a cloth to clean the bathroom or a sponge to polish the countertop. Enjoy a clean house in one swipe!