Our wipes have always been very absorbent. So good, in fact, that we thought it should be reflected in the name. So the name Sorbo comes from absorbing!

We would prefer that you can buy all our products everywhere, even at the small local supermarket. But just to be sure, check the page of the product you are looking for. You can find the outlets there!

For sure, we also have handy addresses for online shopping fanatics. You can find them on the page of the product you are looking for.

Curious what a cloth actually does or what the sponge consists of? On the product page you can find all the information you need. Or visit our cleaning tips for help cleaning! Is the answer to your question not listed? Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

That differs a bit per cloth, because some cloths have a different composition or coating. So check the washing instructions on the packaging. Do not use fabric softener, dryer or iron, as this will reduce the effectiveness of the microfibers. Also wash the cloth with similar colors to avoid a colorful washing fiasco!


Of course we try to reduce our plastic use as much as possible or replace it with recycled plastic. But some helpers really need to be protected with plastic to keep them clean. We are busy with sustainable solutions!

As much as we would like to make everything from recycled material, that is not always possible. A clothespin still needs a piece of iron for the spring. And for other helpers, there are currently no recycled options, such as the bristles of our washing-up brush. But don't be afraid: we are constantly looking for more sustainable alternatives and solutions!

Yes, lots of cleaning chores can be accomplished perfectly well with just water. This is a lot more sustainable, because you won't need to use chemical agents. Our microfibre cloths can clean extremely well with just water and even have a degreasing ability, which also prevents streaking. And microfibre cloths can clean much more, both when dry or with the addition of a little water. Of course, there are always jobs where you do need to use a cleaning agent, such as our Cleaners, but this is not needed as often as is currently being done in practice.

Yes, unfortunately our microfibre cloths currently still contain microplastics. A good cleaning cloth with the qualities of a microfibre cloth, but without microplastics is certainly high on our wish list. Although this project will require a little more time, we are of course already working on sustainability. For instance, we are minimising plastic packaging and switching to FSC-certified cardboard wherever possible. And have you noticed that we have an increasing number of products made out of recycled plastic?