A clean house quickly

The children in the Morris house are great fun, but also a recipe for a big mess. I juggle all day with dirty bibs, flying baby food and pencil marks on my new trainers. Fortunately, with the handy Sorbo products I can brush away the stains with one hand and save my trainers with the other hand.

A clean house with Sorbo

If you really want everything clean

Whether you live alone or together with 6 others, sand, mud and dirt always find their way inside. With our busy lives we have little time for a thorough cleaning. Time for some smart products to quicklyhelp  tackle these chores for you.

My essentials for a clean house

Fast, faster, fastest

"Kids in the house means always cleaning. For all messy accidents I use the Multi Wipes: a reusable alternative to kitchen paper. A lot better for the environment and they also clean super well!"

This way you can easily clean the house

From the small cleaning job to the ultimate spring cleaning, with the right cleaning aids and our tips you will always be done in no time.

Make your favorite trainers white again

I have two treasures of human children, but I also have a whole walk-in closet full of other 'children', my trainers! White trainers are my favourite, but my sons also like to use them as a coloring page. Fortunately, I wipe away all pencil and pen marks with the Wonder Sponge.

And for the other stains and spots..

Cleaning is not a fun job, but oh, how good you feel in a clean house! Fortunately, you can clean all the dirt in one swipe with our smart cleaning aids. In addition, we also have helpers for other stains and spots that do the hard cleaning work for you. Take a quick look at our other heroes and enjoy a clean and fresh house!