Steak-free kitchen

There are two things in my life that I love: my motorcycle and my outdoor kitchen. When I'm not tearing down the highway, beard flapping in the wind, I'm at the stove or barbecue. The specialist dish from Keiths Kitchen has to be the Double Bean Triple Bean Superburrito. After such greasy cooking, my kitchen is of course in need of a good cleaning.

A fat-free kitchen with Sorbo

Get rid of grease and baked-on food leftovers

From big meals to a quick snack, a clean kitchen is a must for all those cooking chores. But what do you do with the fallen melted cheese in the oven, the pasta sauce on the hob and the grease build up on the barbecue? With a little help, you can wipe the kitchen clean again in no time.

The cleaning aids for a clean kitchen

Nice soft wipes

"My oven/stove combination is my baby, that's why I really don't tolerate scratches! That's why I scrub off grease and food residues with the super soft Kitchen Scrub Cloth!"

This is how you clean the kitchen

From Christmas meals to quick snacks; you use the kitchen every day and therefore make it dirty every day. We will help you get a clean kitchen again in no time!

The ultimate washing-up brush

I used to hate doing the dishes. It always took me way too long and after hours of scrubbing the cheese was still in the pan. Until, of course, I discovered good dishwashing brushes. In addition to a microphone, the Smart Brush also serves as the ultimate washing-up brush. From stubborn dirt to delicate (beer) glasses, everything will be clean!

And for the other stains and spots..

Cleaning is not a fun job, but oh, how good you feel in a clean house! Fortunately, you can clean the Kitchen in one swipe with our smart cleaning aids. In addition, we also have tools for other areas of concern that do the hard work for you. Take a quick look at our other experts and enjoy a clean and fresh house!