Spotless bathroom

It's time again for cleaning tips with Grandma Betty! My grandchildren just visited again and oh, what a mess! Toothpaste on the mirrors, limescale everywhere and of course a water everywhere! Today, I have useful tips against limescale and other bathroom dirt for you.

A lime-free bathroom with Sorbo

Radiant bathtubs and gleaming shower cubicles

How much time do you sepnd in the bathroom? Quite alot right? That is why you naturally want it to be nice and clean. But how do you easily get rid of limescale, mold and clogged shower drains? Do you want to spend valuble time scrubbing? or, do you prefer to use some specially deisgned tools to get the job done in no time?

The cleaning aids for your bathroom

A bathroom miracle

"You can of course prevent limescale with a shower squeegee, but try to teach the grandchildren that! Fortunately, you can easily clean limescale off your tap with the scratch-free Bathroom Wonder. Even the kids like to use it!"

This is how you clean the bathroom

The bathroom is packed with difficult cleaning chores. Fortunately, with our tips you can quickly and easily have a clean and limescale -free bathroom again.

For fast and thorough cleaning

Me and my eyes are not the youngest anymore and sometimes I miss a bit of dirt while cleaning. Fortunately, my Bathroom Pad always saves me. Even if I've already cleaned the entire bathroom, I can still quickly brush off the dirt with the scratch-free scrub side. Then wipe it off with the soft side and the bathroom is sparkling clean!

And for the other stains and spots..

Cleaning is not a fun job, but oh, how good you feel in a clean house! Fortunately, you can clean the bathroom in one swipe with our smart cleaning aids. In addition, we also have tools for other areas of concern that do the hard work for you. Take a quick look at our other experts and enjoy a clean and fresh house!