Streak-free clean windows

Hi, I'm Wendy, queen of cleaning, both offline and online. You can usually find me creating content for my socials, but I'm also very proud of my new house extension. The windows at the front gives such a beautiful backdrop during parties, but achieving and keeping them really streak free can sometimes be quite a drama. Fortunately, I have some clever tricks for that.

Streak-free windows with Sorbo

Shiny windows in an instant

Snacks, drinks, and candles: everything is ready for the party. Then I'll spot stripes on the windows of my new extension and fingerprints on the glass. How do I get that clean in time for the party?

My essentials for clean windows

Two cloths is all you need

"I only need two cloths for the windows. I clean the windows with a wet Window Cloth and I dry the window with the Window Dry. This way I get streak-free clean windows without cleaning chemicals!"

Window Dry to the rescue!

You probably know the old-fashioned leather chamois, but have you already met the Window Dry? This is not just any chamois, but a super smooth and soft chamois made of 100% cotton! It absorbs extra water and even has a unique coating that allows you to remove the last streaks and smears. Also ideal for the car!

And for the other stains and spots..

Cleaning is not a fun job, but oh, how good you feel in a clean house! Fortunately, you can clean the windows in one swipe with our smart cleaning aids. In addition, we also have helpers for other stains and spots that do the hard cleaning work for you. Take a quick look at our other heroes and enjoy a clean and fresh house!