Say goodbye to dust, crumbs and hair

I'm Davina, collector and owner of two long-haired cats, together with my huge collection of figurines, paintings, plants and travel souvenirs I live in a small apartment. You guessed it: dust and cat hair everywhere! Fortunately, my favorite Sorbo products keep my apartment in perfect order.

A dust-free house with Sorbo

Dust in the craziest corners

Every day I find dust in my colorful collection of things, but I even think that people with minimalist houses go crazy with dust! I don't like using a duster, sometimes it seems as if the dust is only being moved. And what about the hairs and crumbs that remain during dusting?

My essentials for a dust-free home

Purify your home and mind

"Good energy is very important in the house. That's why I always sprinkle some essential oil on my duster before I start dusting. That's how I purify my house and my mind!"

This is how you make the house dust-free

Dusting is a dusty job. With our tips you can make it that little bit more fun and a lot easier. Don't forget those hidden spots!

Reusable dust aids for everyday use

I think the environment is very important and therefore I am against disposable things. Give me cleaning aids that you can wash and then use again. That is why the Dust Catcher has become an indispensable part of my daily life. My entire apartment is free of dust, crumbs and cat hair in an instant!

And for the other stains and spots..

Cleaning is not a fun job, but oh, how good you feel in a clean house! Fortunately, you can clean all dusty places in one swipe with our smart cleaning aids. In addition, we also have helpers for other stains and spots that do the hard cleaning work for you. Take a quick look at our other heroes and enjoy a clean and fresh house!