5 tips for dusting your home

From the most minimalist interiors to homes filled with knick-knacks, dust can be found everywhere. Dust is a part of life, but that doesn't mean I'm going to sit idly by. With my handy tips, you can sweep all the dust into oblivion.

Davina's Tip:

The extra-long microfibres of the Dust Catcher not only capture dust but also crumbs and hair, which is incredibly convenient!

Let's get started

Tip 1: Work from top to bottom

Whether you're doing a deep clean or just dusting quickly, always work from top to bottom. Even with the best dusting cloths, some dust may still float around. It's a shame if it lands on clean surfaces right away! Use the Dust Magnet to easily dust the upper cabinets

Tip 2: Use a microfibre cloth for dusting

Microfibre cloths, such as the Dust Catcher, are ideal for dusting. Microfibres capture dust and hold it until you shake out the cloth vigorously. With other materials, you're more likely to just move the dust around.

Tip 3: Dust dry first, then wet

If there's a lot of dust and you want to clean immediately, start by dusting dry and then use a damp cloth. If you go straight to using a damp cloth, the dust will clump together, and you'll end up pushing wet clumps of dust back and forth. That's not productive!

Tip 4: Decluttering = faster dusting

In the battle against dust, minimalism is your friend: the fewer items you have, the faster you can dust. Well, if only I could follow this rule myself, I would finish much more quickly. If you do have a lot of stuff, don't just dust around them, but also lift them to dust underneath.

Tip 5: Vinegar to tackle sticky dust

Dusting usually doesn't require cleaning products, but sometimes the dust can be sticky. You may encounter this in the kitchen, where grease mixes with dust. Mix a little vinegar with water and easily wipe away this sticky dust!

More dusting tips

Dusting is a dusty chore. With our tips, you can make it a bit more enjoyable and a lot easier. Don't forget those hidden spots!

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