Cleaning the toilet for beginners

Cleaning the toilet is simply a dirty task that no one likes to do. However, you still want to keep it clean and fresh. By regularly cleaning the toilet, you make the task much easier and less unpleasant. That's why I have some tips for you to have a clean toilet in no time!

Tip from Betty:

The Hygienic Toilet Brush has rubber bristles that hold less dirt and are easy to rinse.

Let's get started

Step 1: Flush the toilet thoroughly and spray cleaner in the bowl

Spray the toilet cleaner just below the rim of the bowl, not in the centre. The cleaner will naturally flow down, and you prevent it from becoming too diluted. Let the product work for a while.

Step 2: Clean the exterior

While you wait for the cleaning agent to work, start with the exterior using a microfibre cloth and Bathroom Cleaner. Clean the doorknob first, then the flush button, the toilet seat, and the area behind the rim.

Step 3: Now clean the top and bottom of the seat

Fold the microfibre cloth in half and first clean the top of the seat thoroughly. Then, spray the Cleaner on the bottom and clean it as well. This order allows you to use only one cloth!

Step 4: Address the inside of the bowl

Spray Bathroom Cleaner on the rim of the bowl and wipe it with the damp cloth. Then, use the toilet brush to scrub the inside of the bowl, including under the rim. Flush the toilet well afterward, and it's clean again!

More cleaning tips for the bathroom

The bathroom is full of tricky cleaning tasks. Fortunately, with our tips, you'll quickly and easily have a clean and limescale-free bathroom.

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