The microfibre cloth: suitable for everything

One cloth for all cleaning tasks? Well, almost: the microfibre cloth is truly a versatile all-rounder among cleaning cloths. From dusting to scrubbing, from polishing to wiping. What are the benefits of the versatile microfibre cloth?

Morris's Tip:

Fold a microfibre cloth several times to have multiple clean surfaces to work with.

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Benefit 1: Streak-free cleaning

Microfibre cloths have excellent degreasing power, allowing them to clean streak-free with just a little water. This makes the Window Cloth, for example, ideal for cleaning windows. The microfibres trap moisture and grease, while the special scrub layer removes dirt without scratching.

Benefit 2: Superior absorbency

A microfibre cloth is composed of a multitude of tiny fibres with a bit of space in between. This structure enables the cloths to absorb and retain dirt and moisture effectively. They are perfect for drying large surfaces, such as the Multi XXL Cloth, or as a dishcloth, like the Kitchen Sponge Cloth.

Benefit 3: Ideal for dusting

In addition to attracting dirt and moisture, microfibres also attract dust. The material retains the dust, preventing it from spreading around. If you make the fibres a bit longer, as with the Dust Catcher, you can also easily pick up hair and crumbs.

Benefit 4: Gentle on delicate surfaces

Microfibre cloths are soft, but because they trap dirt, not all of them are safe for screens. The Screen Care, a microfibre cloth with a special fine microfibre structure, does not retain dirt and is therefore perfect for cleaning your smartphones and tablets without leaving any grease behind.

Benefit 5: Effective without cleaning products

Microfibre cloths securely trap dirt, both dry and damp. For most cleaning tasks, you don't even need cleaning products!

Benefit 6: Machine washable

Since microfibre cloths retain dirt, it's essential to have a clean one regularly. Fortunately, microfibre cloths are machine washable, sometimes even at temperatures up to 60 °C. With a pack of Multi Wipes, you always have a clean cleaning companion at hand. Just remember not to use fabric softener when washing them.

What can you clean with the microfibre cloth?

The versatile microfibre cloth is perfect for various tasks. Discover a few cleaning tasks where this multi-purpose tool is indispensable.

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