How do I clean my electrical appliances?

I use my electrical appliances daily. My laptop for work, my smartphone for just about everything, and the kids love to watch videos on my tablet. As a result, there are smudges, streaks, and fingerprints on screens, as well as dust and dirt in the keyboard. Clean all your electrical appliances in no time with my handy tips.

Morris's Tip:

Use a post-it note to remove debris from your keyboard! Insert the adhesive side between the keys and gently slide the post-it back and forth to catch any dust particles.

Let's take a look

Tip 1: Always turn off your electrical device before cleaning

Your laptop, tablet, and smartphone are filled with delicate components, so always turn them off and unplug them before cleaning. Of course, this is not necessary if you are only cleaning the screen with Screen Care.

Tip 2: Clean the keyboard with a microfibre cloth

Dampen a microfibre cloth slightly and wring it out very well, as you don't want any water to seep into your laptop. Run this cloth over the top of the keys and immediately dry them with a dry microfibre cloth. Use the same cloth to clean the touchpad and the laptop's casing.

Tip 3: Use a cotton swab for the openings

Whether it's your ear or a USB port, thanks to its soft tip, you can clean delicate openings effectively with a cotton swab. Use this swab also for stubborn crumbs between the keys.

Tip 4: Clean screens with Screen Care

Screens of laptops, tablets, and smartphones are very delicate and often have an anti-reflective coating that can be damaged by aggressive cleaning agents. Therefore, remove grease and fingerprints with a very soft microfibre cloth, like the Screen Care.

Tip 5: Clean the smartphone and tablet with a microfibre cloth

Use a well-wrung, slightly damp microfibre cloth to clean the casing of the smartphone and tablet. Then, dry it with a dry microfibre cloth. You can also use a cotton swab to clean openings here.

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