How do I clean my lampshades?

Cleaning lampshades is something that often needs to be done in my home. I love decorative lampshades, but I also have quite a bit of dust floating around the house. Fortunately, I have some handy tips to keep lampshades, from table lamps to ceiling lamps, dust-free.

Davina's Tip:

While cleaning fabric lampshades, always hold them by the frame, not the fabric, to prevent dents.

Let's take a look

Tip 1: Wipe fabric lampshades with a lint roller

You should never clean fabric lampshades with water, but fortunately, a good lint roller does the job well. Roll the roller over the shade as if it were a coat, and it will be dust and lint-free in no time!

Tip 2: Clean plastic lampshades and the inside with a chamois

A chamois, like the Window Dry, absorbs a lot of water, so you don't have to worry about leaving drops on the shade. Gently clean the shade with a slightly damp chamois and then dry it with a clean tea towel.

Tip 3: Use lukewarm water for glass lampshades

Never use hot water for your glass shades, as it can cause the glass to crack. Wipe the shade with lukewarm water and a microfibre cloth. Immediately dry it with a tea towel to prevent stains.

Tip 4: Each material requires a different cleaning method

Metal lampshades and fixtures come in many different materials, each requiring a specific cleaning method. For example, bronze, brass, copper, and nickel only need a dry cloth. Clean chrome and stainless steel with a damp cloth, but also dry them immediately with a tea towel to prevent stains.

Tip 5: Use a duster for ceiling lamps

Dusting the ceiling lamps occasionally is also a good idea. Use a long duster for this purpose. It becomes electrically charged during dusting, effectively attracting dust. Moreover, the material is often soft enough for delicate lamps.

More cleaning tips for dust:

Dusting is a dusty job. With our tips, you can make it a little more enjoyable and much easier. Don't forget those hidden spots either!

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