How do you clean a mirror?

Mirrors really are super versatile eye-catchers in any room. They make the room look bigger, they add a little extra shine to the interior and, of course, they are ideal for just touching up your make-up. But when the first rays of the sun hit the surface, you often see how dirty they actually get. Smudges, dust, toothpaste and water splashes... they bear the brunt. So, how do you actually clean a mirror?

Tip from Wendy

Prevention is better than cure: avoid a very dirty mirror by regularly wiping it with a soft cloth. The Multi Shine is really my hero for that: this microfibre cloth is extra soft, which allows you to remove smudges without scratching! Afterwards, use this handy cloth immediately to make the taps shine again too.

Let's get to work

Step 1: Clean the frame first

Do you have a mirror with a nice frame? If so, clean it first with a cloth and an appropriate cleaner. Do you use a microfibre cloth? Then just water is often enough to clean the frame, as microfibres polish away dirt very easily.

Step 2: Tackle the biggest marks

Before you get going with glass cleaner, it is smart to get rid of large marks first. In fact, chances are that the cleaner will have trouble with this and leave smudges everywhere! Hair spray and make-up on the bathroom mirror are easily removed with a soft cloth and some disinfecting alcohol. For dusty living room mirrors, use a soft (microfibre) duster.

Step 3: Use glass cleaner or a home-made cleaner with vinegar

A glass cleaner is ideal for cleaning mirrors. In fact, it removes marks and smudges super easily, without damaging your mirror. Don't have a glass cleaner in the house? Then make your own cleaner by mixing 1 part white vinegar with 1 part water in a spray bottle. Just give it a good shake and you're good to go!

Step 4: Spray the cleaner onto a soft microfibre cloth

Spray the cleaner onto the microfibre cloth and not directly onto the mirror surface. You use a lot less cleaner this way -which is super nice for the environment-and you can clean a lot more efficiently.

Step 5: Wipe the mirror clean from top to bottom

My tip for streak-free mirrors: polish from edge to edge and top to bottom, preferably in an S-movement. In this way, you won't keep wiping the dirt on the cloth onto the cleaned surface and you won't get streaks!

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