How do I clean my high chair?

Food, spillage, colouring and generally making a mess: my children have quite a few adventures in their high chair. Every time we eat macaroni, I anticipate the dollops of pasta sauce flying across the room. Those poor chairs endure quite a lot. So, how do you get a high chair properly clean? Just follow my handy step-by-step plan!

Morris' tip:

Wipe off pencil and pen marks in no time with the Wonder Sponge! Do though check no damage occurs by tackling an inconspicuous spot first.

Let's get started

Step 1: Remove food residue with washing-up liquid

Food residue is a lot easier to remove when not yet caked on, so clean the high chair daily with a microfibre cloth and a little washing-up liquid. I always keep the Multi Wipes to hand; they come in a nifty storage box!

Step 2: Clean the chair legs

Whilst doing your daily clean, a good idea is to tackle the chair legs too, as a lot of muck gets on these too after a hearty meal! Wipe the chair legs with a microfibre cloth and an all-purpose cleaner, such as All-Purpose Cleaner.

Step 3: Pop the cushions in the washing machine

You don't need to wash the cushions and straps daily, but regular washing certainly won't hurt. If they aren't machine washable, soak them in a bucket of soapy water. A quick rinse with water, and the cushion is clean again.

Step 4: Put the chair in the shower for a thorough deep clean

Has your little one really made a mess of things, making the chair in need of a deep clean? If so, put the chair in the shower, spray it with All-Purpose Cleaner and get scrubbing with a microfibre cloth. When you're done, rinse the chair thoroughly using the shower head.

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