How do I clean the shower enclosure?

Do you also enjoy a hot shower in the morning, but don't know how to clean the shower enclosure properly? After showering, soap residue and water are always left behind, which can cause limescale. How awful! Fortunately, you can get the shower clean in no time with the Bathroom Pad and a miracle solution of vinegar and washing-up liquid.

Tip from Betty:

Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, after showering, wipe the shower enclosure with a squeegee, such as the Bathroom Squeegee. That amounts to a lot less limescale!

Let's get started

Step 1: Wet the shower enclosure with warm water

Rinse the inside well with warm water. Wet the outside of the shower enclosure or cubicle with a damp cloth and wipe the top edge as well.

Step 2: Spray the inside and outside with a solution of cleaning vinegar and washing-up liquid

The acid of the vinegar breaks down lime residue and the washing-up liquid has a degreasing effect, giving you a streak-free clean shower enclosure.

Step 3: Leave this solution to soak for 30 minutes

Cleaning is waiting, because in this half-hour, the miracle solution can do its lime-degrading job and you polish away the dirt that much easier. In the meantime, you can clean the toilet, for example.

Step 4: Clean the shower enclosure with the Bathroom Pad

Dampen the Bathroom Pad and use it to clean the shower thoroughly. The Bathroom Pad is ideal thanks to its scratch-free scrub layer, which means you remove dirt but don't scratch the shower. Rinse the sponge in between and work from top to bottom.

Step 5: Rinse and dry the shower enclosure

Rinse the inside with warm water and dry it with the Bathroom Squeegee. Afterwards, rub both the inside and outside dry with a microfibre cloth and you're done!

More bathroom cleaning tips

The bathroom is packed with tricky cleaning chores. Fortunately, with our tips, you can quickly and easily have a clean and limescale-free bathroom again.

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