Window Cleaner Set

2-in-1 window cleaner for clean, streak-free windows.

The Sorbo Premium window cleaner lets you wash windows is no time at all. The 2-in-1 set consists of a window washer and window wiper. Includes a microfibre cloth for sparkling clean windows.

The Sorbo Premium window cleaner is a remarkable product as it consists of a window wiper connected to a window washer. This lets you work effectively and efficiently. All it takes to go from washing to drying your windows is one swift motion.

The window washer is fitted with an extra-wide microfibre cloth. The cloth absorbs the dirt and has deep cleansing properties. This guarantees your windows are cleaned properly. The cloth is very soft and won’t ever damage your windows. You can easily remove the cloth once you are done cleaning and wash it in the washing machine. These cloths are also sold separately.

The window wiper comes with a natural rubber blade, ensuring streak-free dry results. You can also remove the window wiper from the set if you wish to use it separately. For cleaning very high windows, it is best to use the washer and wiper with the separately available Premium handle. Attach the 2-in-1 window cleaner onto the handle using the Quick-Click system. This will provide even the most hard to reach windows with streak-free and clean results!

  • 2-in-1 window washer and window wiper.
  • Go from washing to drying in one swift motion.
  • The included microfibre cloth optimally absorbs filth.
  • Use with the Premium metal handle for higher windows.

Wash the microfibre cloth in the washing machine to a maximum of 60 degrees Celsius. Do not use a fabric softener.

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