Spray Mop Floor System

Clean your floors quickly with the Premium Spray mop system

The Premium Spray Mop System is ideal for quickly yet effectively cleaning the floors. The system lets you mop your entire flooring before guests arrive & without needing a bucket! Suitable to use on hard floors.

The Sorbo Premium Spray mop system lets you swiftly mop your floors without needing to first make a bucket of soapsuds. This floor wiper contains a reservoir tank that can hold up to 500 ml of suds or water. The spray system lets you spray the floor which then allows the microfibre cloth mop to glide over the suds, getting it to work optimally.

A microfibre cloth mop is included in this set package. The cloth can easily be attached to the floor wiper. Microfibre has absorbent and deep cleaning properties. It attracts filth to it instead of just moving it around. This allows you to create sparkling clean floors!

The spray mop system is comfortable to use and easy to operate. The accompanying microfibre mop is suitable to use on most hard floors, such as tile or laminate. These cloth mops are also separately available.

  • Mop system including floor wiper and microfibre cloth mop.
  • You won't need to fill a bucket of cleaning water.
  • Contains a reservoir tank that can be filled with water or suds.
  • Spray the floor using the handy spray head.
  • Easy to operate using the grip lever.
  • Ideal for quick floor cleaning.
  • Cleans perfectly thanks to the microfibre cloth.