Multi Cleaner

For cleaner sanitary facilities

The Sorbo Premium multi cleaner tool will get your bathroom sparkling again. The non-scratch pad cleans thoroughly and without damaging any surfaces!

Your tub regularly needs scrubbing in order to rid it of filth and lime scale. Using the Sorbo Premium Multi Cleaner tool makes this task much easier. The ergonomic design makes the cleaning tool comfortable to use. The flexible material lets you work in tight corners and reach very hard to clean areas. You needn’t worry about damaging your sink or shower enclosure. This all-purpose cleaning tool comes with a non-scratch cleaning pad.

Discover the ease of the Sorbo Premium Multi Cleaner tool and get your bathroom sparkling once again!

  • Flexible, ergonomically designed all-purpose cleaning tool.
  • Ideal for cleaning bathtubs, shower enclosures, lavatories, sinks, tiles and other sanitary facilities.
  • Comes with a non-scratch scrubbing pad.
  • The scrubbing is best used moistened.

This cleaning tool is easy to use. Moisten the pad in lather and gently scour the tub or shower enclosure. Rinse the cleaned areas afterwards, and your bathroom is good as new.

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