Microfibre Fluff Duster

Premium duster with microfibre

The Sorbo Premium microfibre fluff duster has microfibre hairs that easily catch dust. Reach even the toughest spaces by turning the flexible head in any direction!

The Sorbo Premium fluff duster is a very practical device. The fine structure of the microfibre hairs makes it easier to permeate the pores of the surface you want to clean. The dirt is then absorbed due to the electro-static workings of the microfibre. Instead of just moving dust around, the duster grabs hold of it. Your home will be dust free in no time using the Sorbo Premium duster!

Reach high up or hard to access spaces by bending the fluff duster. The duster is flexible, so you can bend it into precisely the right angle to reach those difficult spaces. This means you can finally clean the top of your closets and cupboards properly!

Quick Click System
The Sorbo Premium microfibre fluff duster is easy to attach to the Sorbo Premium handle using the Quick Click system. Adjust the handle to the desired length to reach every difficult to clean area.
The Quick Click system lets you use a variety of Sorbo Premium products with the telescopic handle! You will never need a separate handle when switching cleaning tasks.

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  • Bendable head to clean hard to reach places.
  • Attracts dirt using the static effect of the microfibre.
  • Easy to attach to the Premium handle using the Quick Click system.
  • Less pressure needed for the same good clean results.
  • No cleaning detergents necessary.
  • Environmentally friendly and long lasting.

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