Metal handle

In need of a multi-functional handle for your cleaning tasks?

Thanks to the Quick Click system, this metal handle can be used for various cleaning tasks in and around the house. Practical for swift cleaning!

This 140 cm long handle is ideal for various household cleaning tasks. The handle can be used to wash windows, mop floors and even to clear dust from all around the house. This handle is fitted with the special Quick Click system, which allows the handle to simply be attached to a variety of home care products from the Sorbo Premium collection. You can switch from a cotton mop to a feather duster in a matter of seconds.

The length of the handle also lets you clean hard to reach areas such as under the couch or under closets. You can also easily use the duster in high places. The Premium handle comes with an ergonomic hand grip with an anti-slip texture. This makes the handle easy to manage and comfortable to use.

  • Metallic handle.
  • 140 cm long.
  • The handle has an ergonomic anti-slip grip.
  • Practical Quick Click system.
  • The handle fits perfectly onto the Premium feather duster, floor wiper, flat mop set and window washer set.