Floor Mop System

42cm mop & 160cm handle

Properly clean your floors fast using the Premium floor mop system. The ergonomic handle and accompanying microfibre cloth with get you sparkling clean floors in no time at all.

Some areas are harder to reach, and with kids and pets it can seem like your cleaning is never done. The Sorbo Premium floor mop system will keep your home fresh and clean for longer. The floor wiper set consists of a top-tier microfibre floor cloth and an extendable telescopic handle. The microfibre cloth is ideal for swift cleaning of water resistant surfaces. The extra-long extendable telescopic handle is easily adjusted to your length. This way you avoid developing back pains and cleaning is much more pleasant. It is also easier to clean under couches and closets with the extra-long handle.

Quick Click System

Want to wash your windows after cleaning the floors? With the Quick Click system, you can easily attach another cleaning device from the Sorbo Premium line onto the telescopic handle. You can switch from the cotton floor mop to the feather duster in a matter of seconds.

Experience for yourself the ease of the Sorbo Premium floor wiper set and enjoy your sparkling clean tile, parquet or laminate floors!

  • Complete floor mop system.
  • Telescopic handle is extendable (till 160 cm).
  • The handle comes with an ergonomic anti-slip grip.
  • Practical Quick Click system.
  • Includes microfibre floor cloth (42 cm wide) specially designed for mopping floors.