Sorbo Recycled

Every year, we all use a lot of plastic. From water bottles to packaging: all this plastic accumulates in vast quantities that greatly damage the environment.
With our Sorbo Recycled line, we hope to reduce the plastic mountain. We transform this plastic waste into genuine Sorbo cleaning products. The Sorbo Recycled products are made of 97% to 100% recycled material, yet still have the trusted Sorbo quality. So your home stays Sorbo clean in a sustainable way!

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More sustainable cleaning

Cleaning with old PET bottles? Yes, that's what happens with Sorbo Recycled microfibre cloths and scouring pads! The microfibre cloths are made of 100% recycled bottles, just like the scouring layer of the pads. And the soft part of the pad is made of 100% recycled PU foam. So entirely recycled! And you can also choose for a more sustainable option for big cleaning jobs. The Sorbo Recycled line includes a bucket, dustpan and brush, dish washing brush and even clothes pegs, all made from a minimum of 97% recycled plastic. Cleaning has never been so sustainable!

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Bucket 13L

Dustpan & Brush set

Microfibre Cloths

Dish Brush

Clothes Pegs

Scouring Sponges