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Sorbo closely follows the latest trends in cleaning and interior design. That's why the cleaning aids from our new Home Deco line coordinate perfectly with modern interiors. Trusted Sorbo quality, stylishly designed with fun prints or superb colours: the Home Deco products are the cleaning aids that should be seen!

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Coordinated with the interior

Whether you are tired of the old bucket in your cupboard or are looking for microfibre cloths that coordinate perfectly with your black kitchen: we have wrapped up your favourite products in a stylish package. The buckets and microfibre cloths have a beautiful, graphic print in beautiful, deep colours that coordinate perfectly with each other. Our handy 2-in-1 aids are now also available in sleek colours, just like the scouring sponges and even sponge cloths. You can do the dishes in style thanks to the new look for the Quick & Easy or the regular dishwashing brush. Choose style, choose Sorbo Home Deco!

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