Cleaning Essentials

A lot has changed in the half a century since Sorbo was founded. These Sorbo cleaning essentials have proven to stand the test of time, which is why they are a permanent fixture within the Sorbo assortment. We might change the colour or the design of the product, but they will always remain top quality.

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Dish Brushes

Choosing a dish brush isn’t just a matter of taste. A basic synthetic dish brushes and luxurious wooden one with horse hairs are worlds apart. Did you know that horse hair bristles are the most equipped for cleaning sensitive glassware? Sturdy polyester or natural fibres are ideal for cleaning pans and oven trays.

Use the Quick & Easy dish brush with dosage pump for quick cleaning. This small and ergonomically designed brush contains a reserve that can be filled with dish soap and water. Stylish and practical!

The most innovative SORBO® dish brush is the SORBO® Smartbrush. This brush has various types of bristles and a sturdy filth scraper. The bristles are made of polyamide, making the dish brush safe to use in the dish washer. The Smartbrush is then ready to use as new!

Sponges & Cloths

The various spaces in your home demand different methods of cleaning. Using Sorbo Classics means you’ll always have exactly what you need!

Microfibre cloths are now a fixture in most households. These cloths have a special structure, allowing them to trap filth and hold onto it without needing a detergent. These cloths can be used dry as dusters and to clean up loose dirt. Moisten the cloth, and it will effectively dissolve and remove grease spots as well. Microfibre is excellent for cleaning the entire home.

Sorbo scouring sponges come with practical hand grips, and have a very strong scouring pad layer. That makes them ideal for cleaning oven trays and stubborn filth. The grip allows you to apply force while protecting your nails and fingers. Have you been introduced to the Sorbo Scrubby yet? This sponge can be cleaned in the dishwasher, making them excellent for frequent use.

The Switch dish cloth is the ultimate choice for kitchen hygiene. The versatile use of the dish cloth makes it one of the more important kitchen tools. That’s why it’s important to use a clean dish cloth every day. Sorbo developed a dish cloth specifically for that purpose – the Switch dish cloth can be cleaned with your daily dishes in the dishwasher. This way you’ll have a freshly clean dish cloth every morning for your daily cleaning.


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