Keeping your home clean when you have pets

There’s no doubt that your four-legged buddy is the sweetest and cutest. But are you as happy with your pet after they’ve made a huge mess of the home? Here you’ll find tips on how to keep your home in check when living with cats or dogs.

1. Baskets and rugs
Does your dog have a basket or a rug that they take regular naps on? Try getting into the routine of vacuuming or machine washing these at least once a week. This removes a lot of unpleasant scents from the home, as well as loose hairs.

2. Did someone say hairs?
Your little ball of fluff is utterly adorable. But all the hairs, hairs and the hairs can be a tad bit of a nuisance. Doing a quick daily sweep with the vacuum cleaner does a lot of good. Do you have smooth flooring? Perfect! Use a wet mop cloth to remove excess hairs once a week.

3. Cleaning the litter box
If you have a cat, you probably are also the proud owner of a litter box. It’s not a fun job, but removing dirty litter daily will eventually save you more time and even money. If you can’t do it daily or every other day, the box will start to omit odours throughout the home, and you’re more likely to have to replace all the granules at once!

4. Keep the couch fresh and clean
Assuming your dog or cat’s favourite place to hang out is on the couch, it might be useful to do a daily sweep with the vacuum cleaner. This keeps the couch looking, but also smelling much cleaner.

5. Floor maintenance
Does your cat or dog come home with muddy paws? When having pets, one should keep a mop ready at all times to quickly deal with unexpected dirt. The practical Sorbo Spray Mop System lets you tackle these stains in no time.

6. Air it out
Last but not least, do not underestimate the power of fresh air! Try to air out the home several times a day. Just throw the windows open and let all unwanted odours leave the home.