How to clean your windows without needing a ladder

It was Friday the 13th again recently. You know, that day when its best to avoid black cats or walking under ladders in order to prevent major accidents. But what to do when you need to clean your upstairs windows, and there are no professional window washers in your neighbourhood? Or when you’d rather be planted safely with both feet on the ground, but still want to clean that window? To help you along we’ve gathered the best tips for steak-free, but also ladder free, window cleaning.

It doesn’t take that much equipment to wash your windows without a ladder. You’ll need a sponge or a window wash cloth for the actual cleaning, a window wiper with a chamois and some soapsuds and you’re good to go. Of course, you’ll also need an extra-long handle attachment to replace the ladder with. There are many practical handles for you to choose from. Short and non-extendable handles are a good choice for the ground-floor windows, but when cleaning windows on the upper levels it is best to go with the telescopic handle. This extendable handle can vary between 2 and 6 metres long, allowing you to reach even the highest of windows. To properly prepare for the task, you could purchase a window cleaning set complete with all the necessary tools, as well as a 4 metre handle. Perfect for cleaning the windows without a ladder.

Lather up
To achieve properly clean windows, it’s actually useful to make your soapsuds twice. Use the first batch to wash off the worst filth, such as dried bird droppings. This will make cleaning with a window wiper a lot easier and guarantee streak-free results.
There are many different recipes for a good window cleaning lather. You can use a dish soap with hot water, or an all-purpose detergent. Another option is to add a peeled and sliced onion to the hot water instead of a detergent. The peeled onion turns the water into an all-natural rinse aid.
When the worst of the filth is removed, replace the filthy lather with a fresh batch. Now the more precise work begins! The window washer can be attached to various telescopic handles, making it better suited for cleaning high windows than a sponge. Dip the washer into your bucket of suds and wring the excess water back into the bucket. The handle lets you thoroughly lather your windows while remaining firmly planted on the ground.

Next step: drying the windows
In order to dry the windows you can use a window wiper, also known as a squeegee. Ground floor windows are best wiped clean by pulling horizontal lanes from left to right, letting you reach all the window corners well. With upper floor windows, it is easier to pull vertical lanes. Make sure the lanes overlap; this prevents streaks from forming. Make sure to clean over the entire length of the window. By cleaning off the window wiper regularly with a moist chamois in between wipes, you avoid stripes, streaks or other dirt from being left on the windows.

Granny always said: use the paper!
Another tip from grandmother’s chest: crumple an old newspaper into a wad and wipe the wad over the window. This will leave clean, dry and stripe-free results. This technique is only useful on the ground floor. It is best to trust other cleaning techniques when it comes to the higher level windows. But like with all skills, practice makes perfect!
Cleaning upper floor windows without needing a ladder is, as you’ve seen, entirely possible. Should you have a fear of heights or feel otherwise unsafe using a ladder, then rest assured that your windows can be made just as clean as before by using a telescopic handle. Without a ladder around, you also reduce your chances of walking under one by accident. Just a little added insurance for when the next Friday the 13th rolls around!