Tired of a clogged drain? Unclog the sink with these handy tips!

Tired of a clogged drain? Unclog the sink with these handy tips!

A clogged drain is of course very annoying. Often it's because of food leftovers lingering in the sink or clumps of hair and soap clogging the bathroom drain. How do you get rid of it and even better, can you prevent it? I do have some helpful tips for that.

Tip 1: Make sure that as little hair and food scraps as possible end up in the drain. It sounds so simple, but often simple works best. If nothing gets into the drain, it cannot get clogged. After showering, remove as much hair as possible from the drain and use sink strainers to catch most of the leftovers.

Tip 2: Regularly flush the drain with a good load of hot water. For example, occasionally throw the contents of a kettle down the sink. The hot water melts grease and soap residue, making them easier to flush.

Tip 3: Use baking soda and cleaning vinegar to solve a blockage. Throw a tablespoon of soda on the well, then pour vinegar over it and let it soak for 15 minutes. Then rinse the well with boiling water.

Tip 4: Still suffering from a blockage? Then get out the grandmother's sink unblocker! Make sure there is a layer of water in the container. Hold the rubber of the plunger briefly under the warm tap to make the material more flexible and then place the plunger straight on the well. Move the plunger vigorously up and down. This creates a vacuum that releases the dirt.

Tip 5: Never unclog with chemicals. There are drain cleaners with chemical ingredients, but these chemicals can damage your sink, pipes and your skin.