This is how you clean windows without streaks!

Cleaning windows without stripes is not that difficult at all. You just need the right tools and my handy tips.

Step-by-step plan for streak-free clean windows

1.    First remove all stubborn dirt from the windows. Use a scratch-free sponge, such as the Window Care, or a good cleaning cloth, such as the Window Cloth. This cloth has a waffle structure that removes all dirt from windows and frames in a scratch-free way.

2.    Make soapy water with warm (not hot!) clean water and half an onion.

3.    Take a soft, large sponge, dip it in the soapy water and squeeze it almost all the way out. Wash the windows from top to bottom.

4.    Wipe the windows with a window squeegee. Make lanes from left to right to also grab the corners.

5.    Dry the squeegee in between with a good chamois leather, such as the Window Dry. You can also use this chamois to dry the window frames later.

6.    Still troubled by streaks? My grandma used to crumple up an old newspaper and use the wad to wipe away the streaks. And it works perfectly!

7.    One last tip: wash the windows on a cloudy day. On a sunny day, they dry too quickly, which means you're more likely to get streaks.