How to manage fruit flies?

Warm weer in de zomer betekent ook de terugkeer van vervelende beestjes, zoals fruitvliegjes. Deze minivliegjes planten zich enorm snel voort, dus voor je het weet zit je met een ware invasie in de keuken. Hoe kom je nou van fruitvliegjes af?

Tip van Keith:

Gebruik geen schoonmaakmiddelen met fruitgeuren (zoals citroen of appel). Fruitvliegjes zijn zelfs daar dol op.

Summer and the warm weather also mean the return of all sorts of pesky critters. Perhaps one of the biggest insect annoyances in the kitchen is the fruit fly. Fruit flies reproduce very quickly. An invasion of fruit flies in your kitchen has therefore happened in the blink of an eye. What can you do about that?

Tip 1: Fruit flies love rotting fruit. So make sure you eat your fruit on time and don't leave it in the fruit bowl for too long. Most fruits can also be stored in the refrigerator. During the hot summer weather, cold fruit is of course nice and refreshing! Is the fruit starting to overripe? Then make it into a smoothie.

Tip 2: Fruit flies don't seem to like intense herbal scents. Place a strong-smelling herb plant next to the fruit, such as basil or sage. Spices such as cinnamon and cloves also smell very strong, so you can also place a bowl of them between the fruit.

Tip 3: Put your organic waste immediately outside in the clicko and not in the trash can in the kitchen.

Tip 4: Clean your kitchen well and regularly. Then don't use a cleaning product with a fruit scent, because they love that.

Tip 5: Fruit flies are also not very fond of drafts. Open a few windows and doors against each other when there is a wind and they blow out the tent.

Tip 6: Make a fruit fly trap. Take a jar or plastic container with a suitable lid (or cover it with plastic kitchen foil and a rubber band. Put overripe fruit, fruit juice, honey, water with vinegar or wine in the jar. Prick a hole in the lid or the foil. The The contents of the container attract the fruit flies, they crawl through the hole to get to the contents, but cannot get out.