How do I clean my lampshades?

How do I clean my lampshades?

Cleaning the lampshades is something that has to be done often in my home. I love cozy lampshades, but I also have quite a bit of dust swirling through the house. Fortunately, I have some handy tips to make lampshades, from table lamps to ceiling lamps, dust-free again.

Tip 1: Remove fabric lampshades with a clothes roller. You really shouldn't clean fabric lampshades with water, but fortunately a good clothes roller also does a decent job. Pull the roller over the hood as if it were a jacket and it will be dust and fluff-free again in no time!

Tip 2: Wipe plastic lampshades and insides with a slightly damp chamois leather. A chamois absorbs a lot of water, so you don't have to worry about droplets remaining on the hood. Then dry it with a tea towel.

Tip 3: Glass hoods can be cleaned with lukewarm water. Absolutely no hot water, because then the glass may crack. Dry it immediately with a tea towel to prevent stains.

Tip 4: Metal hoods and fittings differ per type of material. You only need to wipe many materials with a dry cloth, such as bronze, brass, copper and nickel. Chrome and stainless steel can be cleaned with a damp cloth, but always dry them well with a tea towel to prevent stains.

Tip 5: Use a feather duster for ceiling lamps. The feather duster is electrically charged during dusting, so that it attracts dust well.