Dust in the heater? This way you make the radiator dust-free

Dust in the heater? This way you make the radiator dust-free

The heating is a real dust collector and often without you noticing it. But did you know that it makes you burn even harder? All those dust particles block the heat. A great shame of course, that's why I'm helping you to make the radiator dust-free.

Step-by-step plan for heating without dust

1.    First turn off the heating. Then grab the vacuum cleaner and suck up as much dust as possible. Especially great if you have a narrow attachment, you can also reach difficult places with it.

2.    Now for the hard part, which is the narrow bits. To do this, take a long, thin stick (for example, a ladle). Wrap a dry duster around this, such as the Dust Catcher. It attracts even more dust and even crumbs. Move it between the narrow pieces and remove all the dust!

3.    Still difficult places full of dust? Then take an old pantyhose and lower it between the heating. Grab the bottom and top and move it up and down. This movement causes the pantyhose to become static and collects all the dust. Then it is really dust-free!

4.    Finally, wipe the radiator with a damp cloth for a perfect finishing touch.