Cleaning blinds and sliding doors

Cleaning blinds and sliding doors

When I throw a party, not only do I want to have clean windows, but everything around them must also be spotless. A sliding door full of dirt is really not possible during a garden party. For a movie party you naturally want to be able to close the blinds without a load of dust swirling down. Fortunately, with these tips you will be done in no time!

I always call blinds the eyelids and eyelashes of a window. Without window coverings, a window is just a hole in the wall. But with the atmosphere and decoration, blinds also seem to immediately attract dust. Time to brush up!

A simple way is to fold the blinds all the way and then dust both sides. But do you have less time or do you want to work a little smarter? Then take kitchen tongs and 2 small microfiber cloths, such as the Multi Wipes. Wrap a cloth around both ends and secure with an elastic band. You can then insert these tongs between the slats to dust. Quick and dust-free!

Clean the sliding door rails

Do you have a beautiful sliding door or sliding windows? Over time, quite a bit of dirt, sand and even dead insects will collect in the rails. Yuck! So clean it regularly. First use the narrow nozzle of the vacuum cleaner to suck up all the coarse dirt. Then wipe the rails with a damp microfiber cloth and then dry the rails with a dry cloth. More stubborn dirt can be scraped off with a toothbrush.

You can use special cleaning agents for a thorough cleaning. Do ask the supplier which products are suitable for your sliding door to prevent accidents.