5 tips to keep the bathroom cleaner for longer

5 tips to keep the bathroom cleaner for longer

There are plenty of tips to clean the bathroom, but let's be honest: you don't always feel like cleaning your bathroom thoroughly every week. Fortunately, there are some handy habits you can teach yourself to keep your bathroom clean for longer, so you don't have to brush as often!

Tip 1: Regularly wipe taps with the Bathroom Wonder to remove soap residue. The Bathroom Wonder has a soft polishing side to make taps shine, but the strength lies in the scratch-free scrubbing side. With this side you can clean soap, dirt and even limescale from your taps.

Tip 2: Bend your head down while brushing your teeth to avoid splashing on mirrors. And you can easily remove the splashes that do appear on it with the Multi Shine.

Tip 3: After every shower, dry the walls and doors with a squeegee. This way you limit the chance of limescale. Afraid of scratches or damage to the tiles? The Bathroom Squeegee is made of silicone, so even if you drop it, it won't damage your tiles.

Tip 4: Remove make-up residue immediately with a damp toilet paper. Nothing is more annoying than having to scrape caked-on foundation or eyeshadow out of the sink.

Tip 5: Keep the floor dry after showering or bathing. Moisture can eventually lead to mold or deposits on the tiles. Purchase a bath mat or dry off in the shower.