10 things to tackle during spring cleaning

De voorjaarsschoonmaak kennen we natuurlijk allemaal, maar de tijd van 3 volle dagen poetsen is toch echt wel voorbij. Met onze drukke levens hebben we daar gewoon geen tijd voor (en zin in). Daarom heb ik een handig lijstje gemaakt met schoonmaakklusjes die je niet mag vergeten na de winter.

Tip van Morris:

Je hoeft niet alles op 1 dag te doen natuurlijk. Maak een handig lijstje met alle klusjes en verdeel de taken gewoon lekker over meerdere dagen.

Of course we all know spring cleaning, but the time of 3 full days of cleaning is really over. With our busy lives, we just don't have the time (or the inclination) for that. That is why I have made a handy list of tasks that you should not forget after the winter. Go ahead and schedule them the way you want.

Wash the things you don't normally wash, such as the blankets and pillows on the couch, tablecloths and bath mats. You often don't even see that these things are dirty, but you can bet that they are full of bacteria.

Tip: pour a dash of natural vinegar into the fabric softener compartment. The vinegar kills the bacteria and gives your laundry a fresh scent.

Wash the windows: This is a real spring cleaning classic, but not everyone likes it. Fortunately, it goes a lot easier and faster with some good helpers. With the Window Cloth you can clean and dry the windows without wipers. And do you really want the windows to be streak-free and dry? Then use the Window Dry, a super absorbent chamois that absorbs all the water.

Tip: wash the windows on a cloudy day. When it is sunny, the windows dry too quickly, which causes streaks.

Vacuum under the furniture: A lot of dust collects under the cupboards and the sofa throughout the year. Therefore, move the furniture aside once and go over it with the vacuum cleaner. Because vacuuming often leaves fine dust behind, it is wise to mop the floor afterwards. Now the floor is completely fresh again!

Tip: regularly change the vacuum cleaner bag. Replace the bag when it is 2/3 full, because the suction power of the vacuum cleaner decreases due to too much sand and dust. Also replace the dust filter immediately, so that the vacuum cleaner does not blow all the dust out just as hard.

A good tidy up ensures peace in the house and in your head: My house is always full of children's toys, schoolwork, old clothes and souvenirs from our holidays. Spring is a good time to check this out. Make a 'keep', 'give away' and 'throw away' pile and go through all your stuff critically. Less stuff also means less cleaning later!

Washing your child's stuffed animals: You should actually do this more often, preferably every few weeks. There are quite a few bacteria in the cuddly fur. Of course, always check the washing label to prevent sad children! Add some fabric softener for an extra soft hug. Also handy: knead the shape back into the cuddly toy after washing, otherwise the elephant can suddenly turn into a strange bird.

Tip: Preferably buy cuddly toys that can be washed at 60 degrees, because the bacteria remain alive at a lower washing temperature. Buy two of the same hugs right away. When you wash a cuddly toy, you can give your child the 'copy'.

Clean the devices and remote controls: If you really think about how often you touch remote controls, tablets and smartphones, you will probably start cleaning them more often! These items are best cleaned with a microfiber cloth and an all-purpose cleaner spray. With the spray you can dose the moisture, so that the equipment is not damaged.

Tip: Screens are naturally crack-scratch sensitive, so use the gentle Screen Care to remove grease and fingerprints from your electronic devices.

Descale the kitchen appliances, such as the kettle and coffee maker: Vinegar is your hero here. Put a mixture of cleaning or natural vinegar and water in the kettle and let it boil. You will see that the lime immediately comes off. Make sure to rinse the device thoroughly afterwards, otherwise you will end up drinking sour tea. Use the manufacturer's descaler for the coffee maker, as vinegar can corrode the parts.

Clean the oven and the microwave: These are chores that I don't really feel like doing, because after a cooking party they are dirty again. In an ideal world, you run a piece of cloth through the appliance after every cooking session. In reality there is just a thick layer of dirt on the inside. Luckily I got a tip from Keith to put a mixture of baking soda and water on the dirt. You let this work overnight and the next day you remove the dirt with a damp cleaning cloth.

Tip: prevent the oven from getting very dirty by baking as much as possible in oven dishes and placing aluminum foil at the bottom.