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Keeping your home clean when you have pets

There’s no doubt that your four-legged buddy is the sweetest and cutest. But are you as happy with your pet after they’ve made a huge mess of the home? Here you’ll find tips on how to keep your home in check when living with cats or dogs.

How to choose the right mop for you

Mopping is the best way to truly get your floors so clean you could eat off of them. But how do you choose the right mop for you? This depends on your type of flooring, as well as the area in the home you are cleaning.

How to clean your windows without a ladder

It was Friday the 13th again recently. You know, that day when its best to avoid black cats or walking under ladders in order to prevent major accidents. But what to do when you need to clean your upstairs windows, and there are no professional window washers in your neighbourhood? Or when you’d rather be planted safely with both feet on the ground, but still want to clean that window? To help you along we’ve gathered the best tips for steak-free, but also ladder free, window cleaning.

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