About Sorbo

SORBO® is the number one quality brand in cleaning in the Netherlands of over 50 years. The sponges, cloths and dish brushes are made of sturdy and durable materials, while also being stylish and fresh. Sorbo makes cleaning fun again!

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Sorbo History

The Sorbo origin story starts with Nedac. The parent company was founded in 1962, and what started as a two desk sales office quickly grew into one of Europe’s largest trade and distribution organizations. One of the main catalysts for this growth was Sorbo. The brand, which lends its name from the word ‘absorbent’, originally consisted of cleaning cloths and fabrics. Not much later, the Sorbo name now branded an entire range of cleaning supplies. The brand recognition grew exponentially, thanks to effective marketing and high quality products.

Nowadays, an average Dutch household still holds at least 2 Sorbo products. Now British consumers will also be able to enjoy these colourful, innovative and high quality cleaning products!

Cleaning classics

Nowadays, there is less and less time to keep up the home the way we used to. With the right tools, proper cleaning needn’t take up much time at all. In order to make cleaning easier and more fun, Sorbo has developed a wide range of products. In the half century that Sorbo exists, classic cleaning products have arisen such as the Sorbonette household cloth and the wonder chamois.

But Sorbo hasn’t stood still since; with innovative products such as the Smartbrush dish brush and the Switch dish cloth, we continue to help keep your house clean today.

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Real eye candy

With our beautiful and stylish cleaning products, cleaning is fun and no longer a chore. From pineapples to cacti and fun stylish colours: cleaning supplies by Sorbo are worth having, worth using and definitely worth showing off!